About Us

Evidence-Based Value e-Learning 

Optimizing patient access to quality medicine by default requires knowledge of customers, patients, diseases, therapies, outcomes, and evidence. 

bizi develops custom short eCourses to help healthcare stakeholders enhance cross-disciplinary knowledge and improve cross-sector collaboration and dialogues. These short eCourses take on an interactive blog style and are multi-device friendly. We use examples right from your workplace (about products and customers) to make sense of a concept.  

You may also take advantage of our instructor-led virtual reinforcement classes to help you more effectively apply what you’ve learned in each eCourse to your daily responsibilities.

We focus on three areas:

Health Care Decision Making: In this learning block, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of key health care stakeholders -- like payers, providers and patients, their goals, needs, decision processes, and how evidence can be used to support them.  

Outcomes and Evidence: In this learning block, non-health economists or non-outcomes researchers will come to understand (as appropriate in their job context) different types of evidence -- clinical, humanistic, and economic -- and the associated study designs frequently invoked in evidence-based discussions.

Soft Skills: It’s not just what you say but how you say it. This learning block focuses on the “softer” side of the things — like communication, leadership, negotiation, and collaboration skills that help you more effectively work with others to achieve business goals.